Spring season (AKA festival season) is finally here, so put away the beanies and scarves and it’s time to show off all the outfits we’ve been so desperate to wear after this crazy winter, but a good outfit wouldn’t exist without the right pair of earrings or hair candy. Here are our must-haves:

Let’s start with these earrings in metal, plastic, and organic silk with metal disc at top. Pendants with a shell and fabric-covered ring, wel, pretty much all trends in just one pair of earrings. You can find them on H&M. You’ll love them even more after you see the price.

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We coudn’t be more excited about the return of hair clips. Lele NY has the most incredible hair pieces.

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This necklace is called Siren, which means ¨the ideal symbol of the primal power the female has over male¨… Whatever that means, we just love it! The little medallions and stones are some of the most noticeable trends this season. Necklace by Free People.

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No words, just perfection, and more importantly it is 100% Polyurethane. This bag is from Topshop.



More print because if you’ve been out your house or on any social media, you know it is the biggest trend, but don’t settle for basics and take the extra step, add some color (extra tip: leopard prints in neon colors are also a must have). Headband from Zara.



And last but not least, these Orion Oval Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters.

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Share your favorites in the comment section 😀