Just kidding! We’ve all been there, or maybe you are planning to be. Sometimes home doesn’t feel like home anymore, maybe you are going to school in a different state or your job just relocated you, maybe you feel it’s time for a fresh start. Whatever your case is, we got you!

Finding yourself in a new city, with no friends and no family can always be overwhelming, specially if it is after college, because… let’s be honest, making friends after college just gets harder and harder. However, this is an opportunity to reinvent yourself, it is the time to do all the things you always wanted but never did because you were afraid of being judged or criticized. So here are some tips that might help you overcome the fear of being a newbie in town and just own your new city. In the end, home is wherever you allow yourself to be happy and yourself! 😀

  1. Join a book club.

It is a great way to disconnect from all screens for a while and enjoy some good old Social Interaction (social what?). After reading, share opinions with others and you can move the conversation to a coffee shop. Voilá! Maybe you’ll become friends, maybe you won’t but it’s way better than being at home with tons of unpacking to do, scrolling down through IG wondering if you made the right decision.

2. Get manis and pedis on a regular. 

Actually, add some hair-styling to the list. Nothing makes a girl feel more confident than a mani/pedi/hair kind of day. Make a habit of it, this way you can establish a friendship with the hair dresser and if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll get to hear pretty good gossips you didn’t ask for about Melissa, or if you are extra lucky, you’ll hear about upcoming events or the new restaurant everyone is talking about.

3. Follow local IG accounts.

There are a bunch of blogs about what to do in every city, for example, @miami_cityguide in Miami, @dallassocial if you want to know about the hottest events in Dallas (duh), @chicagobucketlist, well… the name says it all. But you get the idea. Let’s never forget about the Fashion Bloggers and influencers, if there’s a trendy place, they will post about it.

4. Make a Bucket List.

Never stop being a tourist in your new city,  creating a list of things to do or places to visit will keep you motivated and occupied, it will also help you find new interests, try to go to a place you would’ve never visited back home. You don’t even have to socialize, just taking some fresh air will make you feel great.

6. Stay active.

It sounds cliché but it’s true. You don’t have to be a pro in fitness, just join a Zumba or Yoga class, you’ll have sooo much fun! If you are not into these classes, just pick a nice park and do some walking/jogging. It’ll make you feel like you are ready to take over your new city.

7. Say yes.

A contemporary girl loves meeting new people and is always exploring something new, however, it is good to spend time alone too. So, whether you want to enjoy some ¨me time¨ or socialize in your new home, don´t be scared, take two or three deep breaths (or the necessary) and go out there! Drastic changes can be overwhelming but try to say yes to new opportunities and you´ll be fine, we promise. Remember to smile and be happy. Life is awesome.


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